We have various Vases to select from.

Round 50cm x 12cm

Round 40cm x 9cm

Round 40cm x 6cm

Round 28cm x 9cm

Round 20cm x 10cm

Thick round vase

Round 24cm x 15cm

Round 15cm x 15cm

Round 9cm 15cm

Round 9cm x 10cm

Large bullet vase

Small bullet vase

Single patterned vase

Square 32cm x 8.5cm

Square 12cm x 12 cm

Square 12cm x 7cm

Goblet vase

Tulip vase

Rectangular vase

oval vase

Black vases

Hectagon vase

Heart vase

34cm x 10cm square

Martini Sml

Martini Med

Martini Lrg

Goblet vase sml

Black fish bowl

black skinny

30cm round

22cm round

Black square

V vase

Assorted vases

Assorted vases

Floating candle bowls

Square floating candlebowl

Centrepiece for vases

Fish bowl sml

Spagetti vase

Fish bowl lrg

Fish bowl med

Bubble vase lrg

Glass dome

23cm x 9.5cm rectangular

Dome vase

32cm x 12cm

13cm small glass pillar

14cm x 3cm square

bubble glass candleholder

12cm x 12cm round

Terms & Conditions Apply

We require proof of residence, ID & a deposit when placing orders. Late & dirty items are charged per item per day. 

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