Centrepieces On Request

We have various Centerpieces to select from, We make centrepieces up, according to your images.

Wedding ring burgundy

Wedding ring burgundy R60

Wedding circle yellow

Wedding circle yellow R60

Nautical circle

Circle nautical R60

Wooden lantern burgundy & pink

Wooden lantern Bur & pink R30

wooden lantern rose gold

Wooden lantern rose gold R30

New York centrepiece

New York centrepiece R60

Mafia casino

Mafia casino R60.00

Captain America centrepiece

Captain America centrepiece R30

A frame

A frame R80

Wedding circle rose gold

Wedding circle rose gold R60

Wedding circle white

Wedding circle white R60

balloon circle colours

Circle balloon colours R60

Wooden lantern yellow

Wooden lantern pink R30

Wooden lantern orange african

Wooden lantern african R40

New York skyline

New York skyline R60

Hollywood centrepiece

Hollywood centrepiece R60

Hulk centrepiece

Hulk centrepiece R30

A frame brown

A frame brown R80

Wedding square burgundy

Wedding square burgundy R60

Wedding circle mint & blue

Wedding circle mint & blue R60

Wooden lantern pink & white

Wooden lantern pink & white R30

Wooden lantern red

Wooden lantern red R30

Wooden lantern mint

Wooden lantern mint R30

Mask Black & Gold

Mask Black & Gold R60

Clapper board centrepiece

Clapper board centrepiece R50

Spiderman centrepiece

Spiderman centrepiece R30

A frame white

A frame white R80

Wedding circle blue & creme

Wedding circle blue & creme R60

Wedding circle lilac

Wedding circle Lilac R60

Wooden lantern yellow

Wooden lantern yellow R30

Wooden lantern royal blue

Wooden lantern Royal blue R30

Wooden lantern blue & green R30

Wooden lantern blue & green R30

Vase set x 3

Vase set x 3 colours R120

1950's diner red & black

Diner 1950's black & red R40

Batman centrepiece

Batman centrepiece R30

Pearl centrepiece

Pearl centrepiece R150

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We require proof of residence, ID & a deposit when placing orders. Late or dirty items are charged per item per day.

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