Centrepieces On Request

We have various Centerpieces to select from, We make centrepieces up, according to your images.

Creme|Gold flower R180

Peach|mirror R100

Salmon| Cage + flowers R180

Boy R30

Bottle Books R40

Mexican R40

3 tier gatsby R250

Flower|mirror R60

Flower| Mirror| lantern R135

Girl R30

Wood lantern R30

Spanish fan R40

Cabaret leg various R80

Lantern|mirror R100

Floating bowl + candles R80

Baby y R30

Wood lantern R30

Spanish R40

Creme|vase flower R170

mirror runner + accessory R320

Sea shells| flower box R100

Baby p R30

A Frame decorated R300

Hawain R40

Windmill R30

Windmill S R40

African L R80

African Z R80

Various rose gold

Creme flowers rect R180

2 tier martini R110

Cowboy R60

Pink|Books R80

Pink|clocks R80

Sea 1 R150

Sea 2 R130

Blue box R100


Sea 3 R130

Sea 4 R110

Steering R30

Anchor 2 R60

Anchor R30

Steering 2 R60

Half moon R80

Diner pink R40

Diner silver R40

Diner red R40

Mardi gras R40

Mardi gras R105

Mardi gras R90

Mardi gras R80

Mermaid R30

Pooh R20

Batman R20

Pirate R30

Robot R30

Paw patrol R20

Bambi R20

Cow R30

Minnie R30

Minnie R30

Minion R30

Mickey R30

Salmon R110

7 tier R120

Alice 1 R40

Alice 2 R40

Cactus R30

Grass ball R15

Grass tall R60

Lolipop R15

Lantern Blue flowers R280

Lavender dome R20

Hessian lantern flowers R50

Sea 5 R220

Paris bottle R 40

Paris tower R180

Rose martini 3 tier R210

Rugby bottle R30

Casino 1 R150

Casino 2 R80

Casino 3 R120

Casino 4 R150

Casino 5 R60

Balloon P R250

Casino 6 R80

Mafia R110

3 lrg dice R270

30cm dice R40

Denim R60

Hollywood R60

Casino 7 R50

Casino board

Mint R120

Clapper R60

Casino 8 R80

Casino board P

Camel R40

Oscar R60

30cm Dice R30

Casino various

Egypt R30

Bottle B R40

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