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Alberton R350.00   Witbank R2500.00
Boksburg R200.00   Daveyton R380.00
Brakpan R270.00   Petit/Pomona/Bredell R390.00
Benoni R290.00   Kathlehong R380.00
Springs  R380.00   Vosloorus R380.00
Johannesburg  from R700.00 Tsakane R380.00
West Rand from R900.00   Pretoria from R990.00
Kempton Park R390.00   Edenvale R430.00
Germiston R380.00   Sandton R680.00
Heidelburg R800.00   Midrand R700.00
Bedfordview R400.00   Soweto R980.00
Tembisa R480.00   Vereeniging R980.00
Vaaldam R980.00      
All orders need to be placed with a deposit and all orders cancelled will forfeit all monies paid.
Price List:
Dinner plates   R1.50   Bridal arch double   R280.00
Dessert bowls   R1.50   Bridal arch single   R250.00
Mugs   R1.50   Perspex cake stand lrg   R20.00
Candle Holders   R3.00   Perspex cake stand med   R15.00
Coffee pots   R15.00   Perspex cake stand sml   R10.00
        ½ Moonstand   R30.00
MISCELLANEOUS       2 tier black stand    R15.00
Ashtrays   R2.00   2 tier gold stand   R15.00
Bread baskets   R3.00   Spier stand   R30.00
Horn of plenty - LRG   R15.00   Cup cake 3 tier stand   R100.00
Horn of plenty - SML   R6.00   1m black stand   R20.00
Paper plate holders   R1.50   70cm white stand   R20.00
Toothpick holders R1.00 Single brass stands R10.00
Bread boards   R12.00   Single silver stands   R10.00
Microwaves   R100.00   Candle lamps   R4.00
Popcorn Machines R350.00 African candle stands R8.00
Candyfloss Machines   R650.00   (Various)    
Floor Fans
  5 tier wrought icon candelabra   R30.00
Extension Cords 5m
R30.00 7 tier wrought icon candelabra R30.00
Extension Cords 10m
  Bird Cages (table model)
Bird Cages (floor standing)
Floating candle bowls
  5 Tier standing
Single glass candle holder
Spaghetti vase   R30.00        
Square 30cm vase R20.00   KIDDIES EQUIPMENT
Round 30cm vase   R20.00 500 X 500 kiddies table R8.00
Oval 30cm vase   R20.00   750 x 750 kiddies table   R15.00
40cm Fish bowls   R30.00 Kiddies armchair R4.00
Small floating candle bowls   R15.00   Kiddies alphine chair   R4.00
Martini Vases (3 sizes)   R50.00   Kiddies chair covers   R8.00
Tulip Vase   R40.00   Candyfloss Machines   R650.00
SML Square Vase   R10.00   Popcorn machines   R400.00
MED Square Vase   R15.00   Chair ties   R3.00
LRG Square Vase   R30.00   Kiddies teapot   R8.00
Skinny Vases - 80cm   R30.00   Kiddies Cup & Saucer   R70.00
Skinny Vases - 60cm   R20.00   Kiddies sugar bowl   R3.00
10cm glass pillar   R5.00   Kiddies milk jug   R3.00
15cm glass pillar   R10.00   3 tier cup cake stand   R40.00
20cm glass pillar   R15.00   Cake pan   R30.00
Ceramic lantern   R20.00   Party packs   R20.00
Buddha   R20.00        
Rope Lantern   R25.00        
(fits one dinner candle)
And many more...
Dinner plates   R0.75   Knifes   R0.75
Fish plates   R0.75   Steak knives   R0.80
Side plates   R0.75   Forks   R0.75
Soup plate   R0.75   Dessert spoons   R0.75
Steak plates rectangular   R1.00   Soup spoons   R0.75
Platesn oval   R1.00   Fish knives   R0.75
Snail dish   R5.00   Fish forks   R0.75
Cereal bowls   R0.75   Snail forks   R0.75
Soup mug R0.75 Parfait spoons R1.20
Gravy boat   R12.00   Cheese knives   R5.00
Cuppuccino cup & saucer   R0.75   Teaspoons   R0.75
Tea pots   R10.00   Cake forks   R0.75
Coffee pots   R10.00   Soup spoons   R0.75
Milk jugs   R5.00   Salad sets   R3.00
Sugar bowls   R5.00   Tongs   R3.00
Butter dish   R6.00   Serving spoons   R3.00
Oval platters   R8.00   Egg lifters   R3.00
Sachet holder   R3.00   Egg rings   R2.00
Banana boat   R1.20   Cake knife   R10.00
Chinese bowls   R0.75   Cake lifter   R10.00
Ceramic platters   R8.00   Sugar spoon   R0.80
Dessert bowls   R0.75   Soup ladles   R3.00
Lasagne dishe (single)   R4.00   Bread knives   R3.00
Cr•me brul• (single)   R2.00   Carving Knife   R5.00
Cup & saucer   R0.75   Carving Fork   R5.00
Coffee mugs   R0.75        
3 Tier Ceramic stand   R50.00   UNDERPLATES    
Soup bowls   R0.75   Silver   R5.00
Finger Bowl   R0.75   Gold   R5.00
        Red   R5.00
GLASSES (ONLY CLEAR)       Black   R5.00
Flute champagne   R1.20        
Sherry/Liqueur   R1.20   Size ¼ (1 person)   R20.00
Whisky   R1.00   Size ½ (2 persons)   R25.00
Beer   R1.00   Size ¾ (3 persons)   R30.00
Hi ball   R1.00   Size 1 (5 persons)   R35.00
Coke   R1.00   Size 2 (8 persons)   R40.00
Breakfast juice glass   R1.00   Size 3 (12 persons)   R50.00
Tot measure   R1.00   Size 4 (18 persons)   R60.00
Punch bowl set (6 cups)   R25.00   Size 6 (25 persons)   R100.00
Carafe   R5.00   Size 8 (40 persons)   R120.00
Puch/water jugs   R6.00   Size 10 (60 persons)   R160.00
Parfait glasses   R3.00   Size 14 (85 persons)   R190.00
Martini glassuto-style44" style="width: 10">   R3.50   Size 20 (120 persons)   R280.00
        Fondue sets + 6 sticks   R20.00
        All pots to be returned clean    
2 Tier trolleys   R80.00   Small   R15.00
Ashtrays   R2.00   Medium   R30.00
Butcher pan large   R12.00   Large   R45.00
Bucher pan small   R8.00        
Ice cream balls   R2.00   WOODEN BOWLS / SALAD BOWLS
Rectangular/oval platters   R8.00   Wooden bowl - SML   R2.00
Round platters   R8.00   Wooden bowl - LRG   R4.00
Soup tureens   R15.00   Salad bowl glass - LRG   R6.00
Tea/Coffee pots   R15.00   Salad bowl glass - MED   R4.00
Gravy boats   R12.00   Salad bowl glass - SML   R3.00
Grater   R5.00   Ramekins (all sizes)   R1.50
Colander large   R10.00   Ramekins Ceramic   R4.00
Ice cream scoops   R3.00        
Braai forks   R4.00   HOT WATER URNS    
Wine opener   R4.00   Small   R65.00
Salt and peppper set   R5.00   Medium   R85.00
Butter dish   R5.00   large   R100.00
Milk jug   R5.00        
Sugar bowls   R5.00   CHAIRS    
Pizza cutter   R3.00   Alpine (white)   R6.20
Dinner Plates s/steel   R2.00   Alpine (Black)   R620
Stainless steel glasses   R2.00   Ottomans   R20.00
3 Tier snack stand
  Kiddies alpine
Kiddies Arm Chair
GAS STOVES / HEATERS   1m draped - colour of your choice   R110.00
1 Burner - no gas   R120.00   1.2m draped - colour of your choice   R120.00
2 Burner - no gas   R200.00   1.4m draped - colour of your choice   R130.00
4 Burner - no gas R400.00 1.6m draped - colour of your choice R140.00
Mushroom heater - no gas   R250.00   Lectern (wrought iron)
Easels (wrought iron)
Gas 9kg only   R300.00        
1 x 3 Bar halogen heater   R80.00  
        Skirts 3m (all colours)   R25.00
DISCO LIGHTS       Draping 5m x 1.2m   R50.00
UV Lights (purple, orange, green)   R80.00   Draping 10m x 1.2m   R100.00
Lazer Lights (coloured)   R100.00   Draping poles   R25.00
Strobe (clear / coloured)
15 mtr coloured lights
  (To be returned clean - Enquire about charges)    
Robot 4 colours   R100.00        
Mirror ball and pin spot   R100.00   POTS / BRAAIS / BAIN MARIES
Smoke machine   R250.00   Bain Marie 3 div (3 full or 6 •   inserts)   R400.00
Bubble machine   R250.00   Bain Marie 4 div ( 4 full or 8 • inserts)   R480.00
Mini moon   R100.00   Bain Marie 5 div (5 full or 10 • inserts)   R560.00
3m battery operated fairy lights   R20.00   Bain Marie inserts - Full   R45.00
6m battery operated fairy lights   R30.00   Bain Marie inserts - Half   R30.00
5m x 5m curtain fairy lights   R150.00   Barrel Braais (½ drum) R80.00
Spot light (garden) R180.00 Chafing dish rectangular R90.00
Pie warmer - SML   R120.00
TABLECLOTHS       Hot trays   R80.00
Rect.2.5m tablecloth   R20.00   Chafing fuel   R12.00
Sqaure 1.5 tablecloth   R20.00   Carvery Unit   R300.00
Round 1.5m tablecloth   R15.00   Deep Fryers   R80.00
Round 3m tablecloth   R40.00   Microwaves   R100.00
Hessian round 2.4m Tablecloth   R40.00   Pots (12Ltr)   R40.00
Hessian rect 2.5m Tablecloth   R20.00   Spit braai hire (24kg)   R650.00
Hessian rect. 2.5m tablecloth   R25.00   Gas 9kg
(To be returned clean Enquire about charges)            
        Organza overlays (1.5 x 1.5)   R15.00
TABLES       Coloured B/Linen (1m x 1m)   R8.00
Rect.1.8m table (8)   R22.00   Tartan overlays (1m x 1m)   R8.00
Round 1.6m Tables (8)   R50.00   Check overlays (1m x 1m)   R10.00
Cocktail tables 900 x1040   R35.00   Ethnic / African (1m x 1m)   R8.00
Plastic tables (4)   R15.00   Gold / silver serviettes   R15.00
750 x 750 kiddies table R15.00 Denim overlays R10.00
500 x 500 kiddies table   R8.00   Polka dot overlays   R10.00
        Linen serviettes   R1.50
ARCHES (INCLUDING DRAPING)   (To be returned clean- Enquire about charges)    
Double (wrought iron)   R280.00        
Single (wrought iron)   R220.00        
MARQUEES PEG & POLE   Large baths steel
S/steel ice bucket
5m x 5m - 30 people   R1300.00   Medium baths steel   R40.00
5m x 10m - 50 people   R2950.00   Small baths steel   R30.00
6m x 6m - 40 people   R1950.00   Bucket with lid   R5.00
6m x 12m - 60 people   R3850.00   Plastic square ice bucket   R5.00
7m x 12m - 70 people   R4100.00   Plastic round ice bucket   R10.00
9m x 16m - 120 people   R5000.00   Standing wine cooler   R30.00
9m x 24m - 160 people   R7000.00   Plastic large baths   R30.00
12m x 22m -
+-200 people
        Full covers - loose fitting
(white, black creme, pink)
Free Standing Marquees (On cement) • Chair covers - black / white R6.00
6m X 12m   R6200.00   Stretched chair covers - black/white   R12.00
6m x 24 m   R7950.00   Tie backs (all colours)   R3.00
6m x 36m   R10800.00   Gold / Silver Tie backs lamay   R5.00
(other sizes on request)       Organza Tie backs (all colours)   R3.00
GAZEBOS (Blue)       (To be returned clean - Enquire about charges)    
6m x 3m   R800.00        
3m x 3m   R350.00        
Sides extra (each)   R80.00   KIDDIES ENTERTAINMENT    
R600 per hour
      Circus Acts, Magic Show, Fire eating, Juggling, Balancing Acts, Ladder of Swords, Bed of glass, Stilt walking and clowning   R980.00
per hour
two hours
10m slip 'n slide   R580.00   GROUND SHEETS    
4m x 4m standard castle   R580.00   5 x 6m   R400.00
3-in-1 castle   R680.00   4 x 10m   R580.00
3 x 3 castle   R550.00   6 x 12m   R1250.00
Red carpet 1m x 5m   R300.00   4 Stensions with rope   R400.00
        (Gold & Red)    
FLOORING       4 Stensions with rope   R400.00
Dance floor 3mtr x 3mtr - 10cm high   R1155.00  
GROUND SHEETS (NETTING)       Drum ( barrel)
Size per request      

      All party favours available in all themes:
Incuding sweets (each)   R23.00  
Spiderman, ben 10,
Please place your order 3 days before       Hello Kitty, Fairies,
Cars, Barney, Princess,
        Sponge Bob, Avengers,    
MACHINES       Winnie the Pooh,    
Chocolate fountain   R100.00   Balloons, Helium and    
Small candy floss machine   R100.00   many more items to choose from.    
Large candy floss machine   R650.00        
Popcorn Machine   R400.00   Please enquire if you    
        need an item that is    
BOLA       not on our pricelist, we    
Medium   R180.00   are forever ecpanding.    
Large   R240.00        
Streamers, confetti, Feathers, 21st Keys, Angel Hair, Fairy Lights, Crepe, Candles, Tissue Paper, Invitations, Paper lanterns, Gell balls, Scene Setters, Hen Party, Banners, Serviettes, Floral Spray, Bubbles, Ribbon, Chinese Umbrellas, Photo Boards, Kiddies themed items, Adult themed items, Polystyrene made to order, Bunting, Boa•s, Candyfloss mix and sticks, Organza bags, Popcorn packets, leis, kiddies costumes and many more.

All charities, churches and old age homes with an NPO number get less 10% except in September, October, November and December
  Party Favours & Accessories available.  
  We accept Cash or Electronic bank transfers.
We now Accept Debit & Credit cards! / NO Cheques.


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